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What is Canine Massage?

Canine massage is the non-invasive, gentle manipulation of the skin, muscles, and connective tissues of the body in order to help your dog regain physical and emotional balance. By massaging these soft tissue structures, all systems of the body are affected which, in turn, activates the dog’s own energy to support healing and balance within.

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Why you should get your dog massaged,

Benefits of Canine Massage

Massage benefits dogs of any age and health both physically and emotionally through a variety of ways. Physical benefits include stimulating blood circulation, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, helping to relieve pain and soreness, and shortening recovery time after exercise, injury and surgery. Emotional benefits include promoting positive social development, social skills and behavior, reducing stress and anxiety, helping the body and mind relax, and enhancing the human bond by developing trust through touch. Massage is an important part of keeping your dog happy, healthy and well balanced. It is not a frivolous pampering but an essential part of quality of life.


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