Sleeping Dog

Maintenance & Relaxation Massage

$65 for a 30 minute in home session

Regular massage maintains a dog’s general well-being and can provide early detection of health changes. It boosts the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, and aids in recovery from everyday exercise. Maintenance and relaxation massage is great for any dog at any age with any activity level. Rescue dogs and anxious dogs benefit greatly  from massage as it stops the production of the stress hormone allowing them to relax.

Dog Training

Sports Massage

$65 for a 30 minute in home session

Canine athletes are better prepared for competition and recover more quickly afterward when massage is a regular component of the training program. Massage helps prepare dogs mentally and physically for the event and reduces the chance of injury. Massage also comforts tired muscles and reduces the potential for cramping and post-exercise soreness. Sports massage is great not only for dogs who participate in sports but any dog who exercises. This may be a long walk for an older dog, a day at doggy day care or any exercise more than usual.

Lazy Dog

Palliative Care

$65 for a 30 minute in home session

Regular massage enhances an aging, ill, or elderly dog’s quality of life. Massage energizes the mind and helps decrease pain that comes with illness and chronic conditions, such as arthritis. Massage is nurturing and passively stimulates the dog, helping them move when they have trouble moving themselves. Sometimes all an older dog needs is a good massage.


Pre & Post Surgical Massage

$65 for a 30 minute in home session

Pre-surgical massage prepares the body for surgery by flushing out wastes. Post-surgical massage helps reduce swelling and increase circulation for a quicker recovery. A study was done to see how massage affects the recovery time after a surgery and the results were amazing. Patients who received massage as part of the recovery process shortened the recovery time by almost half.

Common Concerns

Massage can be overwhelming for some dogs and it may take a few sessions for them to warm up. Don't be discouraged if your dog does not lay down for the first session. Every little bit of work will help ease them into massage and allow me to do more. Dogs that are cautious with touch from strangers may take longer. This is normal and should not be mistaken for them not enjoying it. Anxious and shy dogs benefit greatly from massage as the touch helps with human-animal bonding and trust building. Each dog is different and may require their own way of treatment. Don't hesitate to ask questions!